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There are certain experiences that propel you to look beyond yourself, for Cindy Martin, it was a ‘mental health breakdown’. After emerging from the episode, she and her daughters, Moly Pabst and Kelsey Terry founded an event in collaboration with the Hamilton Center Foundation dubbed ‘Be the Change’.

Hamilton Center Inc.

The Hamilton Center Inc. which is based in Terre Haute and cover different counties works as a mental health agency. What is unique about Martin is that she has been vocal about her struggle with mental health.

The theme for the event which is now in its third edition was ‘Food for Mood’. The idea of the theme was to create awareness on how what we eat can impact on our mood, create awareness on the importance for people to communicate how they feel and how they think.For a long time, researchers have identified that there is a relationship between the food we eat and our mood but the actual reason why this is so has remained elusive.

The third annual event was held on the 30th of August 2015 starting from 5:30 p.m. in the Red Barn at Sycamore Farm, 5001 Poplar St. Expressing her opinion about the event, Martin said,

Man is eating his favorite dish

“We feel like each time we do this, we are opening the door a little further for everybody to talk about mental health. People are relieved to talk about it.”

Source: Tribune Star

The proceeds of the event will go to the Hamilton Center Foundation Inc. to assist them in furthering their works on mental health. Many people praised Martin’s courage including the CEO of Hamilton Center Foundation, Margie Anshutz.

An event like ‘Food for Your Mood’ is important because it helps to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health. This stigma often restricts victims from speaking or going for treatment.

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