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Food and Mood is a project with the primary aim of finding how what goes into our mouth can impact on our mood. Scientists have often said that “We are what we eat”, but how serious should we take this phrase? Food is an inevitable part of our lives and many people are only concerned about eating to stay alive. What if there is more to eating than just surviving? Inspired by these questions, this project was born to help find answers to some of these questions. By finding the relationship between what we eat and our mood, we can as well find a solution to some of the numerous mental health problems that many people go through, silently.

Our Belief

Many people rarely pause to give a thought about what they eat and how it impacts on their physical and mental health. Bad nutritional lifestyle might be the reason why many people are having relapsing mental health challenges. This is because a lot of food including coffee and alcohol has been identified as mood stressors while vegetables and fruits have been identified as mood supporters.

The ignorance of the possible effect of food on mental health is one of the reasons why many people out there are comfortable with defective nutritional lifestyle. While the consumption of certain food elements can make you happy because they are the precursors of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for happy mood, too much consumption of food rich in carbs (particularly refined sugars) can harm your body in the long run.

In reality, it is not only what we eat that harms us. Scientists have also discovered that hunger makes people be angry. Lack of glucose in the body deprives the muscles and the brain of energy which makes the person feel tired, angry, and likely depressed. It is our belief that people will begin to take their feeding habit more seriously if they realize there is more to eating than just staying alive.

Our Heritage

Food is an integral part of our life that we can hardly do without. While some parts of the world have more than an abundance of it such that some are wasted, other parts are struggling to get a proper nutrition. The food we eat has an immediate and long-term effect on our physical and mental health and we believe it is our duty to enlighten people to be mindful of what they eat.

A healthy diet is what you need to stay happy. Depression is one of the lead causes of suicide around the globe and sometimes, more than the victim pay the ultimate price. Research has proven that the consumption of certain food elements has the ability to lower the risk of depression and anxiety.

If there is one legacy we would like to be remembered for it would be our courage to speak up about mental health and break the cycle of stigma.

Our Mission

At Food and Mood, we are committed to bringing you all the recent studies pertaining to mood and food. The field of identifying how food can make us happy or angry is vibrant and we will be here to give you all the recent happenings.

We also have the obligation to educate people on the importance of eating right. Those on a diet to lose weight might be causing harm to their health and we will be delighted to let them know a better way to pursue their goal.


Our Vision

Food and Mood envisions a world where people will live a healthier life and not fall for common health disease. Those that have one mental health problem or the other will also not be afraid to talk about their condition and how they feel.

The Future

In as much as food is a necessity to life, people should not neglect the negative side of not eating properly. People should also begin to understand the difficulties of living with mental health and stop stigmatizing those going through any mental health challenge in order to make our society a better place.

By interacting with people and encouraging them to speak up about their mental health, how they feel and what they think we will be creating a society that is just to all.