The Fine Art Of Balancing Mood And Blood Sugar With Food

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The ability of the brain to stay focused all day is as a result of ample glucose traveling to the brain. The muscles also get their energy from blood glucose. This explains why you can barely do anything when you are hungry.

This glucose comes from the breakdown of carbohydrates we eat including whole grain, rice, bread, and fruits. There is a strong relationship between food and happiness. The relationship is so strong that seeing food after a long hunger spell makes your mouth to salivate. There are also lots of studies that suggest there is a relationship between food and mood.

One of the best diet for a diabetic patient

Carbohydrate is also called energy giving food. The importance of carbs in a diet has made carb-rich foods to become a staple in many countries. Shortage of glucose in the body will leave you feeling tired and weak. Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter responsible for making us feel happy is also found in abundance in carbohydrate-rich foods. Researchers agree that consumption of carbs can help to improve mood.

The Regulation Of Blood Sugar

Since it has been established that eating carb-rich food can boost our mood, is it a great idea to consume lots of carb-rich food to stay happy? No, because a high level of blood sugar is also bad for your health. The level of sugar in the blood needs to be regulated.

There are two hormones that function to regulate the level of sugar in the blood and they are insulin and glucagon. Immediately after the consumption of carbohydrates a number of processes occur in the body that breaks them down into simple sugars particularly glucose (the form which is useful to the body).

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The cells on their own lack the capacity to take up the glucose so the body releases insulin to aid the take up of these energy molecules into the cell where they are utilized to produce energy. The excess is stored in the tissues. When there is a shortage of glucose, the body secretes glucagon to break down the stored glucose in the form of glycogen into glucose. These series of events work to keep the level of blood sugar fairly stable.

Insulin Resistance

If there is any reason why you should resist the urge to constantly fill your body with carbs just to enjoy the feel-good-effect it brings, it is because of the likelihood of ‘insulin resistant’. Once there is a high level of glucose in the blood, insulin will be released to help channel them into the cells and tissues.

When the cells and tissues are consistently exposed to insulin, they become resistant to its effect. This causes the blood sugar level to rise leading to diabetes. Prolonged blood sugar imbalance has been linked to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen which is dangerous to cardiovascular health.

Suggestions To Balance Blood Sugar

It is important to maintain blood sugar balance and you can do this by getting rid of refined sugars in preference for whole grain. Include lots of fibers in your diet especially those in the form of vegetables and fruits.

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